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What is Just Dance?

Just Dance is a game where you need to follow the moves of the figures on the screen, dancing different choreographies. The more exact the move is, the more points the player gets. Beside the general scoring, the game includes golden moves that give you more points when you hit them. The result is values also by stars, from 1 to 5. When a player reaches at least 11k / 11000 points then „Superstar”, above 12k / 12000 points „Megastar” classification is given by the latest version of the game (Just Dance 2019). Multiple players can dance simultaneously (see choreos for multiple players) and also compete with each other.

  • On which platforms is the game available?
    You need to meet the pre-requisites from tool side to be able to play with the game, you can check this list below.
  • What kind of controllers are supported by the game?
    The supported list of controllers can be found in bullet points below.
  • Do I need internet connectivity for the game?
    Not necessary, you can play in offline mode, too.
  • What does Just Dance Unlimited subscription allow?
    The Unlimited Pass allows you access to many songs at release of Just Dance and to new tracks that will be regularly added to our catalogue.

World Dance Floor

The World Dance Floor (or WDF) is an online multiplayer game mode that players from all over the world can join to dance together at the same time. This mode is now cross-platform and consists of an endless playlist with different gameplay themes.

All performances are taken into account to calculate an online rank and build a season leaderboard. Every 2 weeks, players will compete to try to be the best player of the season.

The following events can be triggered:

  • Song vote: On the WDF, players will be able to vote among different tracks to choose the next song. Then, they compete to make the best score and reach the top of the ranking.
  • Team Battle: Two teams face each other. You will be assigned to a team and you will have to score as many stars as possible to win.
  • Beat The Boss: A massive cooperative event. All players have to combine their score to beat the boss for the length of one up to three tracks. To unlock rewards, players will have to score at least one star during the battle.
  • Tournaments: Players have to give their best in a succession of songs to accumulate the highest score possible and win.
  • Happy Hours: Specific time windows during which the playlist only contains Just Dance Unlimited songs. All these dances are available for everyone.

Just Dance World Dance Floor


    The value of the challenges depends on the level of difficulty. There are three values: 50, 100 or 200 Mojos. The Unlimited challenges can be only performed with Just Dance Unlimited subscription.

    A screen appears after each launch of the game that shows you the actual challenges. The previously started challenges are only changed whenever they are fulfilled.

    Just Dance Kihívások

    Activating the free probation of Just Dance Unlimited

    The 3-month-long trial period of Just Dance Unlimited is available for the following consols:

    • Playstation 4
    • Xbox One
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo WiiU

    In case of each console, you need to log into the console and connect to the Internet. The trial period can only be activated once per account.

    The activation process:

    Just Dance 2016:

    • You need to activate the license key that was attached to the game.

    Just Dance 2017:

    • It’s activated immediately after the first launch of the game. (3 months)

    Just Dance 2018:

    • After 4 dances it’s automatically activated for the account. (3 months)

     Just Dance 2019:

    • After 3 dances it’s automatically activated for the account. (only 1 month!)

    The counter of the remaining days from the Unlimited version can be found in the profile of the game. You can start new Unlimited subscriptions from the gamer account.

    The Just Dance Kids Mode

    This is a safe space for Kids to have fun and enjoy dancing. Just Dance 2018 and 2019 include a Just Dance Kids mode. In this mode, you will find adapted and newly produced songs for kids. Furthermore, new choreographies were created with the help of kids’ development experts to encourage healthy movement.

    Just Dance Kids

    There are no rewards, XP, challenges or Mojos in this mode, no need to get worked up! Thanks to a tailored interface, scoring, and special characters, kids will be able to safely enjoy the game in complete autonomy with positive and supportive feedback.

    Still want to know more about the Just Dance Kids Mode? Check out the video below:

    Mojos and the Gift Machine

    Whenever you reach at least 1000 points in a dance, you get 30 Mojos, while in World Dance Floor mode 45 Mojos are guaranteed after each song. These Mojos can be used for unlocking new contents e.g. dances, emblems, avatars or pictograms. One round costs 100 Mojos in the Gift Machine.

    Just Dance Gift Machine

    Just Dance 2019 Demo

    The Just Dance 2019 Demo will be available on the following platforms:

    • Xbox One
    • PlayStation 4
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo Wii U

    Are you curious about Just Dance? Download, install the demo and let's groove on One Kiss by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa!

    PS4 players will be able to find the demo on the PS Store.

    Xbox One
    Xbox One players will find the demo version on the Xbox Marketplace.

    Nintendo Switch
    Switch players can find the demo on the Nintendo eShop.

    Wii U
    Wii U players will find the demo version on the Nintendo eShop.

    Redeeming code

    To redeem a code for Just Dance 2019, follow the steps below: 

    1. Head to your Profile Card 
    2. Access the Settings sub menu
    3. Select the Redeem code option.
    4. Enter your code and confirm.

    In Just Dance 2019, the "dancepgw" code makes an additional dance available.

    Kódok beváltása

    Request song

    There is a possibility to request songs via the official Just Dance Website. There you can send three songs of your choice. However, after the request it’s not guaranteed that the song will be released in the game.

    About Just Dance Controller

    Just Dance Controller is supported by the new generation contorllers (XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Swich, Wii U). This is a mobile application available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You need to connect the consol and the mobile to the same Wi-Fi and hold the phone with your right hand during dancing. This is detecting your moves.

    Supported game platforms and system requirements

    The game is released for the following platforms and can be played with the listed tools:

    Xbox One

    • Kinect (6)* + Xbox One Gamepad for navigating the menu
    • Just Dance Controller (Mobile App) (6)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 23,5 GB of available storage space
    • Joining Multiplayer Gameplay must be allowed in the Privacy & Online Safety setting of your profile
    • Installed Ubisoft Club app an logged in user for any online features

    PlayStation 4

    • PlayStation Camera + DualShock 4 for navigating the menu (4)*
    • PlayStation Move (4)*
    • Just Dance Controller (Mobile App) (6)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 23,5 GB of available storage space

    Nintendo Switch

    • Joy-Con Controller (6)*
    • Just Dance Controller (Mobile App) (6)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 8,2 GB of available storage space
    • One active Nintendo account

    Nintendo Wii U

    • Wii Remote + Wii U GamePad (4)*
    • Just Dance Controller (Mobile App) (6)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 16,2 GB of available storage space
    • One active Nintendo account

    Xbox 360

    • Xbox 360 Gamepad + Kinect (4)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 8 GB of available storage space
    • All multiplayer features of the game require an active Xbox Live Gold Account

    Nintendo Wii

    • Wii Remote (4)*
    • High Speed Internet Connection for any online features
    • 4 GB of available storage space
    • One active Nintendo account

    Without console (PC, Tablet, Notebook or Smart TV)

    • You can download the Just Dance Now application on your mobile that you just need to connect to the PC, Tablet, Notebook or Smart TV. It’s the same like the Controller app, so you need to hold it in your right hand when you dance. The number of dancers is unlimited, thousands of people can use it together at the same time. It’s only available for Android and iOS. However, it does not contain the latest Just Dance songs, you can only try them out some times.

    *The numbers show you maximum how many people can dance at the same time.

    Just Dance Mánia Bottom Coaches